For she so loved her world, that she knew she must protect herself from it.  She built a fortress, and within that fortress she was safe.  It was when she inevitably ventured out, went for a stroll, as it is, that she found herself vulnerable to that which she loved.  She poured her love into those she met, and with her love her energy, her nurturing instinct would attach to that person, and she would give of herself so that there would be almost nothing left when she felt the warning to shut down her reactor. 

Just enough to crawl back to the fortress.  Until the next time.

She learned the ways to go unseen in her world outside the fortress.  She built layers and layers of armor so that she would be hidden.  But mostly, she stayed in the fortress and made things.  Non-living things, on which she could pour her overwhelming love energy, so that her reactor would not ignite. 

Then she gifted these things to the creators in the World, and asked that they disperse them to others.

She still sought to hide, you see.

The world outside the fortress.