Commissioned Artwork

Jay Winter Collins will consider commissions from patrons. In general, commissions are priced as follows:

8 x 10 – 125

12 x 12 – 250

11 x 14 – 275

16 x 16 – 375

16 x 20 – 495

Larger works are priced depending on the elaborateness of the composition. Contact the artist directly at and include the subject line: commission inquiry.

A note about commissions: The artist has done portraits of both people and animals on commission. The artist’s style is to simplify and abstract the subject of the painting, and the patron should enter the process with that in mind.

Some examples of commissions are found here, below.

Portrait of a Dog, 8x10
8 x 10 Dog Portrait commissioned as a gift, Dec. 2018
Portrait, 16 x 36 in., Child as a Mermaid
Commission for a fundraiser for St. Judes’ Children’s Hospital, 16 x 36
12 x 12 in. Commission of an eminent physicist
12 x 12 in. Portrait of an Eminent Physicist, commissioned by a peer with a short turn-around.

Ken Block of Sister Hazel, Portrait

12 x 12 in. Portrait of Ken Block of Sister Hazel
12 x 12 in. Portrait of Abby-Cat
12 x 12 in. Portrait of Abby-Cat

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